Navigating the Holidays and Special Occasions with Children - During and After a Divorce

Holidays and other special occasions can be equally exciting and exhausting, but another layer of complexity is addressing these events following a divorce. Taking one household and dividing it into two translates into distributing special days of the year and should be addressed in advance with the appropriate thoughtfulness and attention, as to avoid any unnecessary hiccups.

  • Schedule of Holiday Parental Time: A comprehensive divorce agreement should include a detailed schedule of parental time during the holidays and other special occasions, both with respect to the actual celebratory day; as well as the school break that may accompany the holiday. Whereas holidays are often shared or alternated in some form, since not every family is the same, every schedule of holiday parental time should not be the same either and parties should rely upon their attorneys to provide guidance. Most importantly, the Agreement should be clear and concise, so that parties aren’t squabbling over interpretations in the midst of a what should otherwise be a fun celebratory time for kids and parents alike.
  • Engage in Co-Parenting: Co-Parenting during the holidays means keeping the lines of communication open, from special events to planning gifts or parties. If the parties’ communication is strained, consider employing a tool/app, such as Our Family Wizard, to help ensure that exchanges are appropriate and kept on point.
  • Take a Deep Breath: Don’t forget to take a deep breath, take time to recharge and focus on prioritizing the best interest of the children.

At Sahn Ward we acknowledge and appreciate the difficulties related to family law matters and our seasoned attorneys will utilize their skills and expertise to help you navigate all circumstances and events, including addressing schedules of parental time.

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