Sahn Ward Braff Koblenz Coschignano PLLC Announces its New Name and Firm Leadership Attorneys

Elisabetta T. Coschignano Becomes a Member and the Firm Changes its Name to Sahn Ward Braff Koblenz Coschignano PLLC

Jon Ward Elevated to Co-Managing Member

As the Firm begins its 25th anniversary year, Elisabetta T. Coschignano has become a Member of the Firm. To recognize this milestone, and Ms. Coschignano’s accomplishments and contributions to the Firm’s growth and development, including her role in mentoring the Firm’s younger attorneys, the Firm has changed its name to Sahn Ward Braff Koblenz Coschignano PLLC.

The Firm is also pleased to announce that Michael H. Sahn and Jon A. Ward will share the role and responsibilities of Co-Managing Members to guide the Firm in its continued service to its clients, and its expanding practice.

Ms. Coschignano was previously a Partner with the Firm. She concentrates her practice in the areas of zoning and land use planning, municipal law and litigation, commercial and residential real estate transactions and estate planning. She has guided approvals for many land use development projects of regional significance including projects for commercial, institutional and residential property owners and users.

Mr. Ward concentrates his practice in litigation and appeals, representing the Firm’s clients in complex civil litigation matters in state and federal trial and appellate courts. His cases involve commercial, real property, construction, environmental, municipal and land use litigation. Mr. Ward will also remain as Chair of the Firm’s Litigation and Appeals Practice Group.

Michael Sahn founded the Firm in 1999 as Michael H. Sahn PLLC. Mr. Ward joined the Firm the following year. Both Mr. Sahn and Mr. Ward have worked together to build the Firm over the years in collaboration with Members Daniel Braff and Adam Koblenz.

“As we enter our 25th year, we have experienced significant growth as a Firm. I am excited to share the responsibilities of Managing Member with my longtime Partner and friend, Jon Ward,” Mr. Sahn said. “Elisabetta’s elevation to Member reflects her contributions to our growth and her leadership as a role model to our younger associates. I look forward to the future, and all that our team of attorneys and dedicated staff can accomplish for our clients.”